As you may know, attending an interview in a foreign country can sometimes be nerve-racking. To some, it may sound more like an adventure. Thus, it makes sense to become familiar with the country's culture and the company you are applying to for an interview. You must be able to communicate confidently and without exaggeration. Interviews are conducted in English, and as long as your English is at least on a communication level, you have nothing be worried about.

Here are a few pointers on how to get a job in the Nordics and also how to help you get ready for a job interview in Finland.


Preparing for a Job Interview in Finland: What to Do First?

First, if you are invited for an interview, it indicates that your CV impressed the recruiters.

Get to know everything you can about your prospective employers. Research the company in detail and its work culture. You can search for them on LinkedIn to see their experiences. Also, check any articles the recruiters have written. Doing so will give you the upper hand as you try to connect with them while discussing the most relevant topics.

On interview day, check your Wi-Fi network and internet speeds, and make sure the camera and mic are working right. It's also a good idea to keep a mobile hotspot on hand as a backup. Signing in about 5 minutes before the interview shows that you are interested in the position and well-prepared.

You must also be prepared to answer the most commonly asked questions. Build a rapport with the interviewers by asking relevant questions regarding their scope of work. It would be best to write and think beforehand about the questions you will pose before the interview. Some questions to ask include:

  • Is there an opportunity for growth within the organization?
  • Ask about the goals that the company is focusing on.
  • If you get the job, who will you report to directly?
  • What are the immediate responsibilities of the hired employee?
  • Is the position a current role or a newly created one?
  • How will the recruitment process proceed?



How to Behave at Job Interview in Finland

Greet everyone cordially, and then introduce yourself. Remember to smile so that you appear friendly and approachable.

Body language is also critical. Slouching may indicate disinterest. Therefore, ensure that you sit upright with both feet on the floor as you maintain eye contact.

It is worth noting that Nordic people love honest people. The interviewer knows that no one is perfect, and they are more interested in knowing you. Be yourself and give it your best shot. Dishonesty may include lying about your qualifications, falsifying references, and failing to disclose past misconduct.

Also, avoid speaking negatively about your former employer. If you couldn't speak highly of them, it would be a good choice not to say anything.

In addition, put yourself in a positive light. Be confident while expressing yourself, but don't brag, as this could be a weakness. If you have a sharp sense of humor, bring it to the table by telling your stories succinctly.


Job interview in Finland


Treat Everyone Respectfully

Put yourself in the interviewers' shoes. Will they want to work with you for more than 40 hours a week? In most cases, besides having an impeccable CV, Finns value people who demonstrate respect, integrity, and collaboration.

Due to this, you not only need to respect the interviewers but also everyone in the company. From the security personnel, the receptionist, and the manager to the CEO, there are a few displays of hierarchy in Finland.


Interview Questions in Finland

You should pay attention whenever a question is directed at you. Give concise and direct answers without getting side-tracked. Overall, Finnish people are keen listeners and appreciate those who take the time to listen.

While explaining your previous projects, work experiences, and how you will be an asset to the company, select what the interviewer may want to hear. This will provide an excellent opportunity to deliver customized answers to the questions because you will have analyzed them beforehand.

However, there are a handful of questions that an interviewer is not allowed to ask in Finland. In Finland, personal business is kept personal, so basically no questions about your personal life or health are allowed.


Preparing For an Online Interview with the Finnish employer

It is worth noting that the Finnish culture has not been infused with the practice of personal praise. So, knowing this can give you an edge over other candidates, but don't use too many big words to describe yourself. As such, interviewers may perceive you as a liar.

While explaining your achievements and strengths, be honest, ethical, and direct in all forms. As previously stated, ask questions with confidence where necessary.


Online job interview


Remember The Following

Relax and stay calm. An interview is not an exam. It is a chance for the recruiter to get to know you better.

  • Don't try to be something you are not
  • An interview process is a time for you to determine whether the job opportunity aligns with your goals
  • Don't be afraid of positively presenting your international background
  • Also, mention any skills you possess, such as knowledge of collaboration tools or working with multinational environments and teams.


Once You Are Done

After the interview is over, thank the interviewer for the opportunity. Maintain eye contact and remember to show your interest in the position. You may also write a follow-up letter, send an email, or make a call. Following the above tips can help you work abroad with ease.


Final Word

Preparing for an online job interview in Finland and the Nordics is essential if you are looking to get your foot in the door. Remember - an interview it’s a two-way process, and an occasion for both you and employer to understand if you’re a good fit for each other. Make sure you get answers to all your questions and be ready if you get the good news that you've been hired!



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